Take Action

Creating a more walkable community takes everyone’s help. There are many ways you can get involved:

Join the fun at one (or more!) of our free public walks, kicking off in April 2017.

Review materials from the five public open houses held late February 2016 and provide input.

Review materials from the Community Cinema and Pedestrian Plan Open House, held October 21, 2015, and provide input.

Walk to the store, out to dinner, a friend’s house, or to your local park. Just walk a few steps more each day.

Walk with your children or grandchildren to school.

Conduct a walkability assessment in your neighborhood. We can help organize and provide a tool.

Contact your City-County Councillor, the Mayor’s Action Center and your Neighborhood Liaison, and ask them to support initiatives, including improved sidewalks, to make your community more walkable.